Are you experiencing stress or other psychological symptoms? This test and a short telephone call with a psychologist can help you determine whether you need help. 

What can I expect?

Register here for the test and telephone call with a psychologist from HSK / Interapy. After registering you will receive a link. Via that link, you’ll enter the questionnaire. Answering the questions will take around 10 to 20 minutes. After that, you plan an appointment for the telephone call with a psychologist. The psychologist will call and discuss with you, which help is needed. 

It is a confidential conversation and the information will not be shared with your employer or company doctor. There are no costs associated with this questionnaire and telephone call for you.

If necessary, the psychologist will recommend the next step. If you want to follow this advice, discuss this with your direct manager or HR officer, who can help you on your way.


Do you have a question about the test? Then call us on number 088 – 11 55 811